About Us

It’s more than a sound. It’s a soul.

Some may say that music gear is just an equipment. Not for us.

We believe, that there’s much more to synthesizers, samplers and other electronic instruments than simply a few buttons and a bunch of cables. We believe, that in every such device there is a hidden spark of creativity, just waiting to be awakened and transformed into something much bigger.

We are here to help you find this inner soul and make it shine brighter than ever. We specialise in restoring and customising professional-grade audio equipment. Since 2013 we’ve been able to bring back to former glory a few dozens of instruments, among which there were such classics as Akai MPC 3000 and Roland Jupiter 8.

We had the opportunity to provide our services to customers from every continent and work with top-class synthesizer service centers in Europe. We take pride in our comprehensive approach to every project. We do everything that is needed to make your gear look and sound like new (or maybe even better!). Sometimes it’s just some cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, sometimes it’s making from scratch a whole new chassis - doesn’t matter. We know you care, so we put our hearts into making every piece of equipment something special.